Issue 2 – All New! All Different! – Month of October 2015

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Each month we kick off with an episode looking back at what happened in comics in the previous month.  October was a doozy.

All New All differnet marvel promo banner

Marvel released a bunch of All New number one issues.  In terms of financial and marketing success – the ploy cannot be argued against.  Out of the top ten estimated comics sold to North American comics shops (as Reported by Diamond Comic Distributors) 6 of them were Marvel number ones: Invincible Iron Man (1st – 279,514), Amazing Spider-Man (2nd – 245,873), Spider Gwen (3rd – 197,103), Doctor Strange (5th – 145,456), Chewbacca (7th – 122,952), and Guardians of the Galaxy (9th – 118,342).

Last October the top selling comic was Death of Wolverine # 4 and sold 165,582.

So – get ready for reboots and new number ones forever and ever.  This is our incursion event – deal with it

One big question remains to be answered – are they any good?  If only there was a podcast we could listen to and find out …

This month we do a quick run down of all the major releases and focused on the following books:

Doctor Strange #2Doc Strange issue 2 cover

Paper Girls #1 and 2Paper Girls issue 2 cover

Invincible Iron Man #1 and 2Invincible Iron Man number one cover

Batman and Robin Eternal #1-4Batman and Robin Eternal number 1 cover

Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #1-4SW FA SE art

Uncanny X-Men # 600 / Extraordinary X Men #1

Extraordinary X Men interior art by Ramos

Ramos art is looking great on this book

Drink of the week …

This episode we enjoyed delicious All Natural!  Beau’s Lug Tread lagered ale



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